3.10 Exeter - BOG

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 15:10
  • Win and Each Way

    Horse RacingOdds
    Toby Lerone5/1
    Atlantic Roller3/1
    Tour D'Argent14/1
    Easily Pleased17/2
    Gorsky Island12/1
    Gunna Be A Devil14/1
    Daymar Bay5/1
    Gores Island11/1
    Sure Thing9/2
  • Lay Market

    Horse RacingOdds
    Toby Lerone1/10
    Atlantic Roller1/5
    Tour D'Argent1/100
    Easily Pleased1/28
    Gorsky Island1/80
    Gunna Be A Devil1/100
    Daymar Bay1/10
    Gores Island1/66
    Sure Thing1/9
  • Cover Bet 2 Places

    Horse RacingOdds
    Toby Lerone7/2
    Atlantic Roller9/4
    Tour D'Argent12/1
    Easily Pleased8/1
    Gorsky Island11/1
    Gunna Be A Devil12/1
    Daymar Bay7/2
    Gores Island10/1
    Sure Thing10/3
  • Cover Bet 3 Places

    Horse RacingOdds
    Toby Lerone3/1
    Atlantic Roller7/4
    Tour D'Argent12/1
    Easily Pleased7/1
    Gorsky Island10/1
    Gunna Be A Devil12/1
    Daymar Bay3/1
    Gores Island9/1
    Sure Thing11/4
  • Under Starters orders on Wednesday, 26 March 2014 at 15:10. Atlantic Roller as favourite at odds of 3/1 on a Win and Each Way bet.