7.50 Kempton - BOG

Friday, September 5, 2014 - 19:50
  • Win and Each Way

    Horse RacingOdds
    Red Tycoon13/2
    Rocking The Boat8/1
    Spring Loaded8/1
    Luna MoonNR
    Pipe Bomb10/1
    Madamoiselle Bond8/1
    State Of The Union6/1
    Brown Velvet11/1
    Gold Waltz6/1
    British Embassy12/1
    Ar Colleen Aine11/1
  • Lay Market

    Horse RacingOdds
    Red Tycoon1/16
    Rocking The Boat1/25
    Spring Loaded1/25
    Pipe Bomb1/50
    Madamoiselle Bond1/25
    State Of The Union1/14
    Brown Velvet1/66
    Gold Waltz1/14
    British Embassy1/80
    Ar Colleen Aine1/66
  • Cover Bet 2 Places

    Horse RacingOdds
    Red Tycoon11/2
    Rocking The Boat15/2
    Spring Loaded15/2
    Luna MoonNR
    Pipe Bomb9/1
    Madamoiselle Bond15/2
    State Of The Union9/2
    Brown Velvet10/1
    Gold Waltz9/2
    British Embassy10/1
    Ar Colleen Aine10/1
  • Cover Bet 3 Places

    Horse RacingOdds
    Red Tycoon9/2
    Rocking The Boat13/2
    Spring Loaded13/2
    Luna MoonNR
    Pipe Bomb17/2
    Madamoiselle Bond13/2
    State Of The Union4/1
    Brown Velvet9/1
    Gold Waltz4/1
    British Embassy10/1
    Ar Colleen Aine9/1
  • Under Starters orders on Friday, 05 September 2014 at 19:50. State Of The Union as favourite at odds of 6/1 on a Win and Each Way bet.